Tanker explosion scorches I-185; injured driver identified

Tanker explosion scorches I-185; injured driver identified

HARRIS CO., GA (WALB) - An Interstate wreck turns into an explosive, dangerous situation. Officials say road crews may need to re-asphalt the interstate after the diesel burned for almost an hour.

Witnesses say the car driven by 62-year-old Daikun Yu of LaGrange was traveling south about 11:30 Wednesday morning, when it shot across the median and hit a guardrail, and then slammed into a tanker truck carrying diesel, driven by Quinton Davis, 42.

At the scene, Davis told Harris County Sheriff's Deputies what happened. "I seen him going across and I started slowing down, you know what I mean. but I can't stop because I was doing 65."

Several drivers ran across the interstate to help Yu. Emergency crews arrived about 15 minutes after the crash and took him to the hospital.   He's in Critical condition at Midtown medical center in Columbus.

Paula Finney helped the truck driver just after it happened, and was overcome with emotion. "I was traveling south on 185. The driver that crossed the median that hit the 18 wheeler.. I can't do this, I can't do it," said Finney.

HAZMAT crews and G-DOT officials responded to the scene after hundreds of gallons of diesel burned on the roadway. Further tests will help them determine the next steps.

"They're waiting on the supervisor to get on the scene to x-ray the road. They may have to dig that up and put new asphalt down depending on how the x-rays show up," said Captain Mark Burnett of the Columbus Fire and EMS.

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