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Code enforcement finds thousands of illegal signs during campaigns


Albany Code enforcers say they have picked up nearly 2,000 illegally-placed signs this year. Many of them were political campaign signs.

Signs are illegal if they are put in a right of way.

Residents can put up to 3 signs on their property... unless they're on a corner lot where 6 signs are allowed.

Dougherty County Commissioner Ewell Lyle says signs are an important part of campaigning.

He kept up with where all his signs had been placed by putting red x's on a map to make sure he picked all of them up Wednesday.

"The purpose they serve is just to get your name out there. people remember a name," said Ewell. "The larger signs are much more visible, especially in traffic, and people can see them from a greater distance."

Albany code enforcement asks candidates to make sure their signs are removed, so they don't have to use city resources to pick them up.

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