What are APD's top response areas?

What are APD's top response areas?
APD's Crime Analyst David Sparks
APD's Crime Analyst David Sparks

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Where are Albany Police called most often to investigate possible crimes? The answers may surprise you.

We investigated APD statistics and uncovered the top ten areas for service calls. Albany Police say shopping areas are usually where officers are most often called.

The Albany Mall is often number one in our city, but so far in 2014 a South Albany neighborhood has been most active.

The Dennis Homes area, from Newton Road to MLK, including Louis Avenue, Harmon Avenue, has been number one for APD officer service calls so far this year. People calling in many reports of suspicious persons walking, especially at night.

"It is notorious for our more actionable calls," said APD's Crime Analyst David Sparks. "Where officers will have to respond and it will eventually turn into a robbery, a burglary, or stopping of people."

The number two busiest area for cops is across the river in East Albany. Off Moultrie Road, between Rodd Street and Mobile Avenue, again where police say there is a lot of foot traffic.

"We've had rashes of entering autos over there. So it keeps the officers basically going to that area over and over again to follow up on those type calls," Sparks said.

Number three is the Albany Mall and the city's main shopping district. "Shoplifting, entering auto, minor traffic accidents. Those kind of things," Sparks said.

Number four is between Clark Avenue and Cordele Road to the east. Where Walmart, shopping centers, and truck stops bring out lots of people.

Crime analysts say calls from people reporting suspicious activities is what has made these the top areas for officers and they are happy about that. "We rely on the citizens to be the eyes and ears for us and tell us. Don't hesitate to call."

With the holiday shopping season coming, crime analysts expect those shopping areas to see more officer calls and time spent there.

Here are the response areas, ranked one through ten-

1-Dennis Home Area-Between Newton Road and MLK.

2-Moultrie Road at Mobile Road and Rodd Street

3-Albany Mall area between Dawson Road and Liberty Expressway

4-Clark Avenue to Cordele Road

5-West Broad to West Whitney off South Slappey

6-Cotton Avenue to Cherry Avenue off South Slappey

7-West Broad to West Highland

8-Gillionville Road at Lockette Station Road

9 and 10 are adjoining areas of Five Points in East Albany. From East Oglethorpe to Johnson Road, from Leonard Avenue to Rosebrier Avenue.

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