Gov. Deal outlines his priorities for his new term

Gov. Deal outlines his priorities for his new term
Governor Nathan Deal

ATLANTA, GA (WALB) - Governor Nathan Deal held a press conference in his office Wednesday morning, outlining some of the issues he plans to focus over the next four years.

Governor Deal said he believes that his office has admirably led the state through tough economic times over the past four years and looks forward to continuing that trend. "I think [voters] will continue to see a steady hand, someone who will deal with the realistic problems of our state and try to move us forward," Deal emphasized.

He said he wanted to focus on issues that have been neglected for awhile due to the economy. One specific issue he mentioned was education. "You know that I'm speaking primarily about looking at our K through 12 funding as well as K through 12 delivery mechanisms," said Deal. "We will approach this in the same deliberate fashion that we did criminal justice reform."

Deal also said that he will continue to work with the department heads in each of the state agencies and determine exactly what each department needs in order to form a legislative program. But, he said it was still too early to tell what specific items may make up that program.

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