All experience levels work Lee County election polls

All experience levels work Lee County election polls

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Some south Georgians show their commitment to the Democratic process by working in voting precincts.

In Lee County the young and the more experienced are making sure today's election goes smoothly.

Lee County has poll workers from 90 years of age, to high school students, working today's election.  But one thing they all have in common, they believe the right to vote is crucial.

"There you go. Thank you. Appreciate you coming."  85 year old Paul Jones on the job as a poll worker again.  Jones was an aerial photographer for the Navy in the Korean War.

Jones said "We were lucky we didn't get touched.  But those planes got shot to pieces."

The right to vote means a lot to him.

Jones said "Because they determine which direction our country is going in."

Paul and his wife Nan have been working elections for 20 years.

Nan Jones said "That was when we had to check people's names off in a little book. And if we have to have the same number of checks at the end of the night."

Lennis Price IV said "Here you go.  Have a nice day. Go down to the next available computer."

16 year old Lennis Price the Fourth is a high school junior, too young to vote, but wanting to work in the election process because he knows it's importance.

Price said "The opportunity to vote is a right that most people don't have everywhere.  And I feel like it's something that everyone should take part in. So  I wanted to be a part of it."

Lauren Cordene said "OK. You are good to go. Have a good day."

20 year old Lauen Cordene is a college student,  determined to make this election count.

Cordene said "You are voicing your opinion, and your opinionmatterss. So I think it's really important."

The Jones are glad to see young people following in their footsteps.

Nan Jones said "Yes. We fell like that has made them soconsciouss of the process of electing their officials.  And when they reach 18 then they will want to vote, because they have seen the process and what it means."

Americans of all ages working the polls to make sure today's election is done fairly and properly, because they believe in it's importance.

All these poll workers told us today how glad they were to see a steady flow of voters into their precinct today.

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