Cordele store clerk feared for his life during armed robbery

Cordele store clerk feared for his life during armed robbery

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - Surveillance video shows the scary scene inside the S and S food mart last night. Ronesh Patel was about to close his store when he ended up on the floor with a gun pressed against him.

A gunman runs into the S and S food mart in Cordele and money was the only thing on his mind.

Store clerk Ronesh Patel did not want his face on camera but you can see him in this video complying with the thief's demands.

"He had him and me on the floor. And told us to just give up our money. I didn't have too much cash in my cash register but whatever I had I gave it up," said Patel.

The other person is another employee who was mopping at the time. The robber stuffs his bag with money, about 300 dollars in cash.

"The first thing I was thinking about was my family first. And praying to God to not have anything happen to me. Or my coworkers. He got to feed his family too. He works in the farm and works for us," said Patel.

The robbery only took a few minutes. The Crisp County Sheriff's office was doing a patrol near the area and arrived on scene quickly.

"The police came as soon as I pressed that panic button and I called 911 and police probably came in 30 or 40 seconds," said Patel.

The Cordele Police Department is handling the investigation and asks for help from the community.

"When the community who has information comes forward with that information and they work with us and give us whatever information they could possibly know, that always seems to help our cases move along at a much quicker pace," said Lt. Carrie Lull of the Cordele PD.

You can see the fear in Patel as he stands up when the man leaves, even as another customer walks in, but he says he'll keep coming to work so he can provide for his family.

Investigators aren't sure if this robbery is connected to the Autozone robbery a couple of weeks ago but say it's always worrisome to have two happen so close together.

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