Principal suspended for 'gang recruits' student cartoon

Principal suspended for 'gang recruits' student cartoon

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An elementary school principal will be suspended by administrators after he posted a controversial cartoon depicting students in a classroom.

The cartoon shows a classroom scene with various students at desks in front of a teacher with descriptions on their shirts, such as "hungry," "gang recruit," or "needs a bath." To the right of the students, the words "Georgia Milestones." is seen on a wall.

Westtown Elementary Principal Dr. Lee Shiver is scheduled to be suspended for five days without pay from the Dougherty County Schools System.

Superintendent Dr. David Mosely handed down the suspension Friday. It will begin Monday, November 3.

School officials said the picture was posted on a wall in a faculty lounge. They did not say if Dr. Shiver drew the cartoon or if another person did.

He was not at school on Friday.

Superintendent Mosely was expected to make a statement later Friday afternoon.

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