"Teal Pumpkin Project" helps food-allergic kids on Halloween

"Teal Pumpkin Project" helps food-allergic kids on Halloween

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It's called the pumpkin teal project, it gives kids who are allergic to common candy items alternatives.

Non-treats such as temporary tattoos, bubbles, and small toys are given instead. The teal pumpkin represents food allergy awareness and homes that have it are telling families that they are offering non-food items to trick-or-treaters.

Data from the Food Allergy Research and Education organization shows that food allergies among people in the U.S. are increasing, about 6 million kids are affected.

Some of the most common allergens include: peanuts, almonds, tree nuts, soy and milk, some ingredients found in popular Halloween candy.

Albany Food Allergist, Erin Cannington says it can be sometimes a difficult time for children and their parents to enjoy the night if their child is limited on what they can eat. She says she hopes to see the community participate and support those kids who do have allergens as well as those who don't.

If your child does accidentally consume something they are allergic to, act quickly, wash their hands to eliminate any leftover allergens then seek treatment. Injectable devices like EpiPens are available by prescription at your local pharmacy.If you can't paint a pumpkin you can print a flyer from the FARE website.