Holiday Hiring in South Georgia

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - With the holiday season right around the corner, seasonal jobs are available. New research says that the hiring boost might be the biggest we've seen in at least a decade.

Holiday hiring has improved every year since 2008, this year it could expect to see over 800,000 jobs on the market.

Local business owners and managers love to see this--shoppers leaving their stores with handfuls of bags or in Bo Henry's case, people in his restaurants. With the holiday season weeks away; he is prepping for extra business.

"This is definitely the best time of business. We just gear up during this time and try to save up for the rest of the year," Bo Henry, Co-owner of Stewbo's.

With additional business, more "Now Hiring" signs are being posted as companies look for employees to handle the holiday influx. Research by Challenge, Gray and Christmas says the holiday hiring trend will rise dramatically. They predict retail job growth in the final three months of this year will top 800-thousand for the first time since 1999.

"People just get out during the holidays, there is just more stuff out there to do"

Brian Will, Assistant Manager at F-Y-E expects stronger holiday sales at his store in the Albany Mall.

"The economy is bouncing back. I believe that there is a strong work force of people who are willing to work and that has a strong case for it too," said Brian Will.

Will And Henry both said, if you do get a holiday job, don't act like it's just seasonal. Temporary employment often leads to long-term stability.

"It's very possible for a season employee to become a full-time person because I have done that at previous jobs and as long as you work hard there is no way they can argue with your work," said Will.

"You might find a few people who like what your company is doing and work out well for your company and with us it's the same. They'll stay with us, keep working with us and maybe have a long relationship with us," said Henry.

Online shopping has also increased other hiring opportunities. U-P-S said they plan to hire 95-thousand seasonal workers this year.

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