City of Leesburg proud of Buster Posey's accomplishment

City of Leesburg proud of Buster Posey's accomplishment

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - A lot of folks in Lee County are showing their pride in one of the community's favorite sons. Buster Posey and his San Francisco Giants won their third World Series in 5 years last night.

The all-star catcher graduated from Lee County High School in 2005. The Lee County High School principal and his little league coach say nobody deserves the success more than Posey.

"He's a great role model. He's a great ambassador for the sport. I mean every time he interviews you hear the right things out of his mouth and he says the right things," said Lee County HS principal Kevin Dowling.

"He was one of the top kids in his class at school and he was certainly a lot of fun to coach in baseball because he just, you tell him something and it was done," said his little league coach Billy Abell.

Abell expects Posey to come back home to Leesburg in the next few weeks.

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