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Georgia-Florida game is good for Valdosta gas stations

Amit Patel Amit Patel

The Georgia-Florida football game this Saturday is creating more business for some Valdosta gas stations.

Employees at gas stations at exits 16 and 18 off of I-75 in Valdosta said they had been busier than normal most of the day Thursday and said they had seen a lot of Georgia fans stopping in on their way down to Gainesville.

"Starting today, since morning, we've been busy. and, hopefully tomorrow, Saturday, all the way to Sunday we gonna be busy due to a lot of travelers from Athens and all over," said Amit Patel, who works at the BP gas station on E. Hill Avenue just off of exit 16 in Valdosta.

Gas stations in Valdosta may be extra busy Friday night as many people will be out and about for the Winnersville Classic between Valdosta and Lowndes County at Bazemore-Hyder Stadium in Valdosta

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