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Halloween pranks can get you into a lot of trouble

Vernotis Williams Vernotis Williams

Valdosta Police are reminding pranksters that Halloween pranks can land them in some serious trouble.

Officer Vernotis Williams said vandalism and pranks do tend to increase around Halloween. He pointed out that if someone gets hurt, even if it wasn't intentional, the prankster or pranksters could face fines and even jail time.

"Generally, during the Halloween season, kids do have a tendency to play a lot of pranks," said Williams. "Even if the person just runs out and scares someone, [if] that person runs into the roadway, gets hit by a car, you could be liable for that."

Williams said one of the most common pranks involves throwing eggs. "Most of the time, pranks may be egging cars or houses or even throwing eggs at somebody walking in the streets. That could be considered assault," explained Williams.

As of Thursday afternoon, there hadn't been any reports in Valdosta of people being hurt or property being vandalized as the result of a Halloween prank.

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