Veteran finds hornet nest in front yard

Veteran finds hornet nest in front yard

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Bee experts say hornets and yellow jackets are becoming more active this time of the year, and you need to be alert. Veteran Joseph Hill said he didn't even notice it until Wednesday afternoon.

The hornets are pretty active at this home on Sweetbrier Road, and neighbors are scared about the danger they pose.

"I got grand kids, my next door neighbor has grand kids and they might cause some sting and cause some sort of health hazard," said Willie Gammage

Bee experts say Gammage's fear is legitimate.

"The hornets can be extremely dangerous if they get ahold of you. They have a very powerful enzyme that they can inflict into you and the yellow jackets work by numbers," said Buzz Fuzz Owner Dale Richter.

Richter owns a company called Buzz Fuzz, and he gets rid of these things quite often. He says hornets are aggressive this time of year.

"They're just building up. They're more prevalent. Building up to protect the nest and they're just very defensive of their nest and this time of the year people are out working in their yards more so they're working around them more too," said Richter.

What he has to say about this large hive may surprise you though.

"That one was relatively small. Probably two or three hundred to maybe 500. The one that we were looking at earlier probably has a thousand in it," said Richter.

Small or not, Gammage isn't taking any chances with it.

"Never seen something look like that before. And it looks scary," said Gammage.

Richter says these hornets like to be in trees and low hanging areas but a lot of them hang out in the ground too, so be careful.

These nests are made in only about 2 or 3 weeks. It should come as no surprise, but Richter also says you should let an expert remove a nest and not try it yourself. He wears a bee suit and has special chemicals anytime he does it.

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