Cuthbert police investigating several business burglaries

Cuthbert police investigating several business burglaries

CUTHBERT, GA (WALB) - Cuthbert Police are investigating a string of recent burglaries at several businesses in the city.

Two businesses hit within weeks and thousands of dollars worth of cash and cigarettes are gone. Cuthbert police believe the two men we showed you in surveillance video earlier this week are the same or connected to thieves who bypassed security cameras and alarms to burglarize the Country Corner convenience store on Dawson street.

In each case the burglars used sledge hammers to make a hole large enough to climb through, grab the merchandise and money and getaway unseen.

H&H Hardware is located downtown, who doesn't have a security system, and was also hit by thieves, but police believe different burglars are to blame.

"There's a wall safe that they were able to drill the combination lock from the safe and entered the safe," said Police Chief Bobby Wiggins.

James Whittaker, the owner of The Garage, says it's tough seeing the small businesses become targeted by thieves. He says his felt the sting himself. "Everybody's getting broken into and no one is going or getting caught," said Whittaker.

He says about a month ago, burglars got into his business by breaking this window on the bay doors. Now, he's beefing up security. "I'm going to reinforce some doors and stuff," added Whittaker. "I don't leave any of my tools out in the garage no more. I lock them in a locked room."

Police haven't been able to locate the suspects in any of these burglaries because of lack of evidence. Now, they're calling on the community for help. "There are times that they need to be our eyes and ears, in the event. If they should hear or see something, don't be so reluctant to talk to the police, because we need their help."

If you have any information on these crimes that could help, call Cuthbert police at 732-2323.

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