Dougherty County police say car found in Flint was stolen

Dougherty County police say car found in Flint was stolen

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Fire officials say the A.P.D. found the car after someone spotted it floating in the river Wednesday afternoon,  and called police.

It's not very often fire officials get calls to remove a car out of the river, but when they do, the dive team comes in handy.

"20 to 30 minutes we got divers ready to go in the water hook the car up, bring it ashore, so they can process," says Assistant Chief Rubin Jordan.

And that's just was happened when Albany Police got a call that a car was underwater in the Flint river near the Marine Ditch Canal boat landing.

The recently formed Albany Fire Department dive team now has 7 to 8 certified divers on each shift.

This was firefighter Joshua Howell's first time pulling a car out..He says it can be nerve wrecking but today went well.

"It wasn't too bad, water wasn't too cold yet so that was a good thing," says Joshua Howell.

Howell says they do a lot of training to prepare.

"We go through and we have to dive different depths and situations to get certified. The fire department put us through there as a dive team, and we are trying to get through rescue so we can respond to any situation," says Howell.

And they always put at least two people in the water at a time.

"Its a buddy system that way we always have two in or two out, we like to have two as back up just in case one of us goes down we have two ready to go in," says Howell.

Dougherty County police say the car was stolen and their investigation is still continuing.

Right now Dougherty County police are talking to the owner of the car. The owner told police a friend was doing some work on the car when it was stolen .

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