Michelle Nunn swings into Pearly's on Campaign trail

Michelle Nunn swings into Pearly's on Campaign trail

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Georgia U.S. Senate Candidate Michelle Nunn joined breakfast-goers at Pearly's Famous Country Restaurant Wednesday morning.

Democratic Party Nominee Nunn spoke to the group of residents and city leaders about her goals in her race with 6 days left until election day. We asked the candidate about the controversial democratic flyers in Atlanta telling people to vote "to prevent another Ferguson incident".

She says she believes the situation is a tragedy, but a way to bring about an important discussion. "We need to use Ferguson and all of the events that happen, to talk about what kind of society do we want, what kind of community and what kind of democracy? Remind people that they have a stake in their democracy and that they get to have a say."

Nunn plans to make more stops in Southwest Georgia before next Tuesday. She's running against Republican David Perdue and Libertarian Amanda Swafford.

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