Governor Deal visits South Georgia on the campaign trail

Governor Deal visits South Georgia on the campaign trail

BLAKELY, GA (WALB) - A week before Election Day, Governor Nathan Deal and other Republican Candidates campaign through South Georgia Tuesday night to encourage voters to head to the polls.

That Republican bus tour rolled into Albany Thursday after a late afternoon stop in Blakely.

Secretary of State Brian Kemp. Ag Commissioner Gary Black and Attorney General Sam Olens are among the leaders joining the governor.

Governor Deal brushed off criticism of Georgia's highest-in-the-nation unemployment rate.

He says there's resurgence in manufacturing jobs and he claims the jobless rate does not accurately reflect Georgia's economic health.

"They look at the number of jobs that you've created. They look at the size of your workforce. The state of Georgia last year ranked number 6 in the country in terms of total new jobs. That means we created more jobs than 44 other states last year. As I indicated over the last two weeks we now have some 1800 new jobs announced within this very short period of time," said Governor Nathan Deal, Republican candidate for Governor.

Deal said jobs brought to the state through the Department of Economic Development have an average at a salary of $47,000 a year.

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