Recent soliciting raises concern over Cordele water purity

Recent soliciting raises concern over Cordele water purity

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - A marketing ploy by a water purifying company has some people in Cordele worried about their water quality. Public Works Director Steve Fulford wants to ease any concerns. He says the city's water is actually some of the purest in the state and doesn't want anyone worrying.

"Actually our water quality is very good. We've actually won the award for the best tasting in the state of Georgia," said Fullford.

Solicitors have been going door to door, and even cold calling people, trying to sell a water purifying system that costs thousands of dollars.

"He implied that there may be issues with my water quality which I thought was kind of strange because I know that being on the city of Cordele water, that our water has to be tested,' said homeowner Greg Hunt.

Greg Hunt was not one of the concerned citizens and says the man left shortly after he told him he wasn't interested.

Other homeowners wouldn't go on camera, but said the man's message raised their concern over the safety of the water. Fullford has a message for those receiving calls or getting a random knock on the door.

"We don't have any issues with our water. I think these people are trying to sell people something they really don't need. Tell these people they're not interested because there's nothing wrong with our water," said Fullford.

Hunt says he wasn't caught off guard.. because it wasn't the first time this has happened.

"This is actually the second time in a year or year and a half. I felt it was just a marketing ploy and he had a product he was wanting to sell," said Hunt.

City leaders say the company isn't doing anything illegal, but they just want citizens to know the water is safe and the product isn't something you have to buy.

Homeowners say the system the men are trying to sell costs about $6000. They said the phone number that keeps calling is registered in the Valdosta area.

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