Americus businesses go green, save money

Americus businesses go green, save money

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - Home and business owners in Americus are looking to the power of the sun to get them off the grid and reduce their energy bills.

Norman Race put solar panels in 3 years ago to offset the rising costs of energy and to help the environment. He couldn't be happier with the results.

"This system will pay for more than half of our electricity," said Race.

He could not put the panels on his roof because of so many trees so he had them put out where they could maximize the sun.

After seeing the results on his bill, he started on a mission to turn his town on to green energy. The owner of Pats Place listened.

"I'd been looking into it for three or four years and the cost was really high," said Pat Spann.

He said it's a risk, but is expecting the payout to be better than expected.

It seems the price had come way down and there was tax incentives and it looked like they were more efficient and produced more energy.

The Mayor said he would like to see Americus become a green community. And is starting curbside recycling next week.

"We're excited about these green initiatives and hopefully it will create some jobs and new business that will come to our community," said Mayor Barry Blount.

Bill Secor is the business developer for Creative Solar USA in Georgia and says now is the perfect time to get in on solar energy.

"It's at a price point that it's never been before and [couple] that with federal tax incentive that the government is offering until 2016," said Secor.

Cafe Campesino is the next business in Americus to join the green energy bandwagon, and will have its panels up by the end of the year.

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