Wife speaks out after husband is brutally attacked and robbed

Wife speaks out after husband is brutally attacked and robbed

A 70-year old Crisp County double amputee remains in ICU at Macon Medical Center tonight two weeks after he was severely beaten and robbed.

His wife, Dora Dennard drives to Macon almost every day, to visit her husband.

Dennard, who suffered a severe blow to his head, is conscious, but he's not speaking or moving very much.

Dora Dennard is staying strong, running two businesses, while her husband Eugene Dennard recovers at Macon Medical Center.

"Kind of tire me out, but I'm not a quitter," says Dora Dennard.

And neither is her husband, who's fighting to recover.

Willie Telfair, one of his employees, is charged with robbing and beating Dennard, and dumping him along this road.

"They are trying to get him off the ventilator. He's breathing some on his own," says Dennard.

Their son is running the Cordele business while Dennard recovers.

Dora says she knew something was wrong when he didn't come home with his two dogs, Brittany and Spot, who are at Cordele Animal Hospital while Dennard gets better.

" I called the vet to see what time he picked up the dogs, and they said he didn't pick up the dogs, and I said oh no something is wrong," she says.

Two hunters from Florida discovered Dennard on a dirt road near the airport, and they found him just in time.

"They told me at the hospital if he had been out there a couple more hours, there was nothing they would be able to do for him," says Dennard.

And Crisp County Law enforcers located the suspect, Telfair, that same day..

Crisp County Law enforcers found Dennard's pick up parked at the Ashburn Inn in Cordele, and that's where they found the attacker, Willie Telfair, and arrested him.

"They worked very fast," says Dennard.

Dora was shocked to learn Telfair was the suspect.

"Dennard knows his family and he comes from a very good background, so I was, I was in shock," she says.

Telfair remains in the Crisp County Jail.

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