Semi truck carrying peanuts flips over at Slappey and Ledo

Semi truck carrying peanuts flips over at Slappey and Ledo

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Several Passersby stopped to get a look as this big load of peanuts was cleaned up from the embankment at the intersection of Ledo Road and Slappey Blvd in Lee County Saturday morning.

The Georgia State Patrol says around 10 am the driver of TNT farms of Leesburg was traveling south on Slappey.  "Carrying a load of peanuts, It was headed to Colquitt to drop the load off down there," said Trooper Dan Avery.

As the driver arrived at the intersection to Ledo road, he told the GSP he began having problems with his brakes. So, he made a sharp turn to avoid slamming into other vehicles.

"He was approaching the intersection and as he applied his brakes there was possibly a break failure. So, to keep him from striking the vehicles in front of him, he took evasive action to try to make a right turn onto Ledo. "

But the heavy load couldn't handle the quick movement. GSP says the peanuts shifted in the turn causing the semi to turn on its side, and dump the load onto the embankment.

Thankfully, the driver made it out safely without a scratch, and no other injuries were reported.

It took more than a couple hours to clean the mess up. Crews had to remove the peanuts from the semi before it was towed away. Then GSP says TNT farms brought in another vehicle to remove the peanuts.

Georgia State Patrol is investigating the accident and charges are pending.

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