Fall festival teaches kids safety tips for emergencies

Fall festival teaches kids safety tips for emergencies
Lt. Justin Cox
Lt. Justin Cox
Kyle Cooper
Kyle Cooper

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Emergency personnel in Thomasville gave school kids a behind the scenes look into their jobs.

The annual fall festival at Saint Thomas Episcopal Church invited officials to teach important safety lessons to these children.

While many parents do whatever it takes to keep their kids safe, they may forget to teach them what to do when something does go wrong.

That's why every year, emergency personnel come to Saint Thomas Episcopal church to show children how to be prepared.

Moultrie Fire Department Lt. Justin Cox said, “We try to catch them early and catch them often.  And get it in their heads how to be safe and how to operate safely in their everyday lives.”

It's all about reaching these kids at a young age.

Helping them feel comfortable and confident if they're ever in a dangerous situation.

Thomas County EMT Kyle Cooper said, “Probably the biggest thing is trying to teach them young.  That way, if they are in an emergency and we have to come to them, they're not as scared, and they work with us.”

Kids were able to take a peek into a Thomas County ambulance and Thomasville and Moultrie Fire Departments taught fire safety and how to get out of a burning building in their Smoke House.

Cox said, “They like the smoke. They like seeing the theatrics of the smoke and crawling out.  The excitement of the smoke.  It's a great teaching tool as well.

Fire officials said they've definitely seen the impact of demonstrations like this.

They said the number of fires and the severity of those fires have decreased over the past 10 years.

Cox said, “It's a good reminder.  Your children can teach you as much as you can teach your children.”

Fire officials said it's important for these safety demonstrations to continue throughout the school year and urge families to create emergency plans just in case.

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