Warrants issued after puppy stabbed with kitchen knife

Warrants issued after puppy stabbed with kitchen knife

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Police issued arrest warrants for a woman after they found a Pit Bull puppy had been stabbed in the hip with a kitchen knife Friday.

Officers responded to a home on Clark Avenue just after 5 a.m. after a call of a domestic dispute.

The puppy is recovering at the Albany Humane Society after a veterinarian needed ten staples to close the stab wound.

The Humane Society doesn't have a name for the dog but she seems to be doing well after what happened to her Friday morning.

"It's just so sad. You felt so sorry for her this morning because here's this poor little innocent creature who's just a baby, she's probably 7 or 8 weeks old. She certainly didn't deserve that," said Executive Director of the Albany Humane Society Donna Strickland.

Police say 34-year old Katrina Wilson stabbed the puppy in the hip during a domestic dispute Friday morning. Wilson is charged with a felony under a new state law.

"To viciously and purposely grab an innocent animal and stab it should be considered a felony and I believe it does in this state," said Strickland.

Albany Animal Control officers took the wounded dog to the vet this morning where she was stitched up. The puppy will be closely monitored during her recovery.

"We'll take good care of her. I don't see any problem in finding her a home once she's healed. I think at this point we will probably place her in foster care just to make sure that she gets her meds and everything on a regular basis," said Strickland.

The pooch is already cheering up, after just a short time with her new caretakers.

"She's calmed down a lot since we've had her today. Her tail's wagging again. She was a little nervous when she first got her but she's doing very well right now," said Strickland.

Albany Police say they are still looking to serve the arrest warrant on Katrina Wilson and they say additional charges are pending in this case.

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