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Traffic stop reveals credit card, fuel theft scheme

(Source: Turner Co. Sheriff's Office) (Source: Turner Co. Sheriff's Office)
(Source: Minnesota DWI Center) (Source: Minnesota DWI Center)

A Florida couple stopped by Georgia State patrol have been arrested after the trooper discovered items used to steal credit card information inside their modified truck.

Leonardo Hernandez Triana and Yadina Diaz-Valdes were arrested and charged with more than 20 felony counts of forgery of a financial transaction card by Ashburn Police.

A Georgia State Patrol trooper initially pulled the two over in their Ford F-350 for an obstructed license plate.

Investigators believe Triana and Diaz-Valdes were part of a theft ring using stolen debit and credit card numbers to buy fuel, which was pumped into large hidden tanks under the beds of trucks.

Officials said the thieves were selling the fuel at discounted prices to buyers.

Troopers discovered the truck that Triana and Diaz-Valdes were in had been modified, and had similar hidden fuel tanks beneath its bed.

They also found card skimmers and readers used to take credit or debit card numbers, and 20 gift cards that had their magnetic strips embossed with stolen credit and debit card numbers.

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