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Wreck simulation sends a message to students

Principal Chafin and Sheriff Hobby Principal Chafin and Sheriff Hobby
Wes Weaver Wes Weaver
SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) - Worth County High School students got a look at the tragedy that can come from distracted driving.

The scene was heart wrenching. Several battered cars were scattered outside Worth County High School, with multiple victims covered in fake blood. This simulated two vehicle double fatality crash is part of the Celebrate my Drive program.

Local first responders want to give students a first hand look at what can happen from distracted driving.

"We really want to stress the fact that we care about our students and they're part of our community. We care about our community. We want them to be safe at school and when they're not at school," said Worth County High Principal Scott Chafin. 

The students were able to see what first responders have to do when they arrive on the scene of an accident like this one.

They listed to the radio call from the dispatchers and watched the victims, actors from their school, pulled from the vehicles.

Two helicopters even landed near the mock wreck scene to help add to the realism.

Sheriff Jeff Hobby hopes the images stick with the students. "These cars are not toys. They're basically 3,500 pound missiles going down the road is what they are and you just can't take them lightly."

Some students say the message especially hit home this year after the loss of their 17-year-old friend, Jacob Saxton in an alcohol related crash in August.

"He was one of my friends and we lost him early in the school year. This makes you really think about all the drugs and alcohol and what kind of impact it could have on us driving," said 10th grader Wes Weaver. "It's scary to see this thing happen. You think about you and your family." 

 Worth County School officials say they plan to keep having events like this to keep those kinds of tragedies from happening again.

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