DCSS approves concussion policy

DCSS approves concussion policy

Dougherty County school board members approved a concussion policy Wednesday.

Georgia law now requires school systems to have these policies in place. School officials say they've already had a practice that mirrors the policy.

It says that if a student athlete has a sharp blow to the head, becomes disoriented or exhibits certain characteristics of a concussion they must be taken out of practice or a game and see a healthcare professional.

"We want to make sure that everybody knows that this is a requirement in the Dougherty County school system so that all our coaches and all our athletes and all our parents can be assured that we're going to take care of their children the best that we can," said Tommy Coleman, the DCSS attorney.

School officials say they've already been vigorously enforcing the protections of an athlete from a concussion. The new policy comes on the heels of several huge lawsuits involving the NFL.

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