Bus cameras are watching drivers in Ben Hill County

Bus cameras are watching drivers in Ben Hill County

FITZGERALD, GA (WALB) - Ben Hill County Sheriff Bobby McLemore is asking drivers to stop illegally passing school buses.

Sheriff McLemore says his office has issued 30 citations for illegally passing school buses since the Ben Hill County School System put cameras on them in August.

The cameras only take photos when cars pass buses that have their stop arms extended.

Three photos are sent to the Sheriff's Office who determines if a citation should be issued.

Sheriff McLemore says many of the drivers cited were on their cell phones at the time.

"About two thirds of them when they pass that school bus with the stop sign extended, the lights flashing, they're on the cell phone. We know that there is no call that a person can make or receive that is worth a child losing their life," said Sheriff McLemore.

Fines for passing school buses can go as high as $350.

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