ASU Homecoming vendors set up shop

ASU Homecoming vendors set up shop

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Vendors are beginning to set up shop around town for Albany State's Homecoming and Code Enforcement officials are making sure that vendors are following proper guidelines.

Salaam Shaheed says he never misses an opportunity to set up his tent for ASU's Homecoming, but before he does he always checks in with code enforcement.

Florida native, Salaam Shaheed has been setting up shop here on the corner of Oglethorpe Boulevard and Radium Springs for Albany State's Homecoming for the past four years...selling t-shirts and hats for Adults and kids from his company Niche Enterprises.

"Albany is probably, I rank them number 3 in the top 3 best homecomings in the country," Salaam Shaheed, vendor.

Vendors are making sure to follow...Code Enforcement rules by selling legal merchandise and having a proper permit to avoid paying fines of up to 500 dollars. Shaheed said he always makes sure to follow Code Enforcement guidelines.

" Went ahead and got my business license and we are already approved by the school to print what we have out here. So everything is legit, we don't want to go to jail."

Shaheed also sells homecoming merchandise for colleges in Tennessee..Florida and Alabama..but he says his sales and the homecoming atmosphere here in Albany are better.

"The community gets involved. A lot of the other ones your mostly dealing with the college students and or alumni. Here everybody gets involved," said Salaam Shaheed

Niche Enterprises will be selling homecoming merchandise in Albany until Sunday and Shaheed said he'll definitely be back next year.

Now if there is any college students looking for a job, Shaheed said he needs a few students to help him sell his merchandise on Friday and Saturday.

He can be reached at 850-210-6975.

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