Albany police chief encourages businesses to use alarm systems

Albany police chief encourages businesses to use alarm systems

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Police say alarm systems and surveillance cameras are also great tools to keep criminals away.

Workers at Ace Liquors say they installed an alarm system when they opened 30 years ago, and although they've had one break-in, they say its still been a good deterrent.

Billy Davis remembers when Ace's Liquors on North Slappey was the target of a group of break-ins several years ago.

"It was a smash and grab type deal. They hit several businesses,"says worker Billy Davis.

Luckily they had an alarm system installed. Davis says although it doesn't always keep the criminals away, it does limit them.

"If they know you have an alarm, they know you have to get in and get out fast," he says.

Since that break-in they haven't had anymore.

He believes his alarm system, along with other measures like surveillance cameras have helped deter criminals.

Albany Police Chief John Proctor says they working with business owners right now to teach them how to keep their property safe.

The chief wants businesses that don't have an alarm system to install one.

"We want to encourage them to get it because it should be a part of their business plan. When you start a business we want you to be prepared as possible. Certainly having security can help you stay in business. It can help you safeguard the business and the people that work there as well," says Chief John Proctor.

Officers are also passing out flyers for businesses to post inside their store windows.

"We encourage them to take monies out of their register at the end of the night. And we have a little placard that we provided at no cost to them that's prominently displayed at the entrance to their business," he says.

Chief Proctor says APD is planning a summit to provide businesses and homeowners more information about alarm and camera systems.

There is no date yet for this summit but chief Proctor wants to hold it before the end of the year.

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