Welcome to the State of Poverty

Welcome to the State of Poverty

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - Crisp County officials helped community leaders get a better understanding of living in poverty today, encouraging them to help their neighbors in need.

A simulation program called "Welcome to the state of poverty" was staged by the Crisp Community Council.

Participants lived a simulated month in poverty, struggling to feed and shelter a family of four. Organizers hoped to illustrate the stress of life in poverty.

"More life and death sort of situations. They are more critical. That's what makes it even harder to make those decisions because one wrong decision can leave you out of your home. And your family with nowhere to live, or nothing to eat," said County Extension Agent Rachel Hunter.

The University Of Georgia Extension program says one million Georgians live below the poverty line. They hope this program will improve policy making in communities to aid low income families.

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