Phoebe Putney Hospital Staff prepares for Ebola patients

Phoebe Putney Hospital Staff prepares for Ebola patients

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Training started Monday at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital to teach workers how to properly put on protective gear if they have to treat an Ebola patient.

Many Phoebe Healthcare workers are volunteering to learn how to use the protective equipment.

Phoebe officials say they want to be prepared in case the virus comes to  Southwest Georgia.

Healthcare workers at Phoebe are getting ready in case Ebola arrives in Southwest Georgia.

At Phoebe Sumter healthcare workers watched as one person was suited up as if she were handling an Ebola patient.

Rubber boots, a water proof suit, a paper hood, three pairs of gloves, and chemical tape.

They also have an isolation room ready.

"This is a negative pressure room that we set up in order to receive a patient that we would screen for Ebola. If you look up here when the ball is inside the room it lets you know that its negative pressure so the healthcare workers also know."

The room is covered in plastic and there is a web that can be controlled from outside the room so they can follow nurses while they work in the room.

"We would have someone monitoring here to make sure she is not breaking protocol and accidentally contaminating herself so that's the idea for that."

So far, no cases have been confirmed in Southwest Georgia. Patients who come into the emergency room are being pre screened, asked if they have traveled to West Africa.

Chief Medical officer Steve Kitchen says the key is early detection and again finding out if patients have a fever and have traveled to parts of West Africa.

Health professionals also recommend if you have not received a flu shot, get one.

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