Cafe 230 helps revitalize downtown Albany

Cafe 230 helps revitalize downtown Albany

Cafe 230 will be having its official re-grand opening. It's all part of a huge project to revitalize downtown Albany.

"We are a retail hub we need to give people a reason to come to Albany, Georgia," Restaurant owner and city commissioner BJ Fletcher said.

For the last several years downtown Albany has been striving to become the hot spot it once was. That's why Fletcher decided to plant her restaurant, Cafe 230, in downtown.

She hopes it will inspire other businesses to set roots in the area as well.

"I got two buildings next to me that would make fantastic restaurants," Fletcher said." And if these people would just come and look and see what I'm doing, what our daily bread is doing etc, its going to be a good little business. "

Fletcher says many times people travel to Tifton, Thomasville or Columbus for entertainment but feels Albany has exciting things to offer. 

Some residents are looking forward to the change.

"Albany is my home, it makes it easy for me because I can come downtown and shop, eat, you know stuff like that," Spurlie Willie shares.

Fletcher says the city already has plans for a new sports bar near the Civic Center. She says this move will help re-shape the budding city and bring a more positive image to area. 

"Especially to the people who are so down on downtown and the naysayers," Fletcher continues. "Go down by the riverfront and see what progress is being made"

She feels it's a stepping stone to revitalize the city, create jobs and put Albany back on the map.

Cafe 230 opens from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, located on Broad Avenue.

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