Community comes together to help restore couple's home

Community comes together to help restore couple's home

LEARY, GA (WALB) - Neighbors and volunteers are making progress on the home of a Leary couple whose home is falling apart after years of wear and tear.

Out with the old and in with the new for 67-year-old Lillie Mae Harrel and her 66-year-old husband and Vietnam War veteran, Danny Harrel.

They now have a new roof over their heads, after the old one leak, leaving several water stains throughout their home.

"We love it," said Lillie Mae Harrell.

"It's safer," said Danny Harrell.

Neighbor and contractor David Shreckengost began putting together the project back in July, using Facebook to raise $3,000 to purchase supplies. However, some were donated.

Shreckengost says it was important to help the family and honor those who served our country.

"Danny being a veteran, I'm not a veteran myself, but I have a deep respect for people who have served our country," said David Shreckengost, neighbor and contractor.

Last weekend more than a dozen volunteers from around the state worked on replacing the Harrell's roof.

Shreckengost says now that stage one is complete, the next step is to fix insulation issues on the outside of the home.

" Stage 2, we want to come back and replace the siding, kind of finish up the outside, we've got some windows that need to be replaced we've got some rotted wood that we need to deal with," said David Schreckengost.

The inside of the home will receive some tender, love, and care during stage three.

" We want to go inside, do all of the dry wall work and repairs that need to be done. If we've got the funds, put some new carpet in. Just give them a decent house to live in," said David Schreckengost.

Lillie Mae and Danny Harrell say they're appreciative of the help.

" We just appreciate everything, the money, the donations, the supplies, the workers, we just thank God for everybody," said Lillie Mae

Schrekengost hopes to have the home repaired before Christmas.

To help visit their Facebook page or contact David Shreckengost at 678-663-2835

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