Vandalism reported at Albany's skate park

Vandalism reported at Albany's skate park

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Police are investigating vandalism at the City of Albany skate park.

A neighboring business owner noticed the fence at the park on College Drive had been cut in one place and torn down in several others.

There was also graffiti painted on some of the skate structures.

Rabbitman's Footwear owner Elijah Williams says he wants to keep the area clean, so skaters can enjoy it.

"The kids been coming out," said Williams. "All the time, they having a good time.  They been skating, they excited about the skate park not going to close.  Because their main concern is they though they were going to close the park."

Williams said the city recently repaired lights at the park.

The fence damage was apparently done at night.

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