Community uses Facebook to raise money for baby's funeral

Community uses Facebook to raise money for baby's funeral
Casey Alday
Casey Alday
Chelsy Trawick
Chelsy Trawick

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - People in Bainbridge are coming together to help a family dealing with tragedy.

A mother and her two daughters were in a crash in North Carolina.

One daughter died and one is in critical condition.

Pictures of four-year-old Brooke Haire and her eight-month-old sister Aubrey are flooding Facebook pages in the Bainbridge community.

Friends and family were heartbroken to hear a car accident Monday night killed Aubrey and left her sister Brooke in critical condition.

Family friend Chelsy Trawick said, “Nobody should have to bury their child.”

The Haires recently moved from Bainbridge.

Friends Trawick and Casey Alday wanted to help them the best way they could from 10 hours away. So they turned to social media.

Alday said, “Social media, the way it is today, it spreads rapidly, like wildfire.  And I felt as though the community, we all need to step up and do something.”

So they created a Facebook page called 'Prayers for the Haire Family,' and within hours, they got more than 2,000 likes.

They also started a GoFundMe account and the response has been incredible.

Alday said, “Within 24 hours, just what we had raised was shocking.  And now, we're up over $5,000.”

Friends got an update from doctors this morning saying that Brooke is experiencing severe injuries that may cause her to lose the ability to walk.

Trawick said, “It was very hard for them to watch their eight-month-old pass away in their arms. But they are trying to be strong for Brooke.”

There will be a softball tournament held for Brooke on November 8.

You can donate to the Haire Family-Funeral and Medical cost fund by visiting the ‘Prayers for the Haire Family' Facebook page.

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