Viewpoint: City Ordinances

Viewpoint: City Ordinances

If you live in Albany, you've likely seen the huge new Family Dollar store being built at the corner of 3rd Ave. and North Slappey.

Not surprisingly, there been complaints about the building going up there.

The Planning Director says local ordinances allow for the construction because it's Zoned C-1.

While we are certainly in favor of new businesses opening in Albany, we believe it's critical to protect the historical integrity and beauty of our city.

While the new Family Dollar will be bricked to better conform with the residential area it borders, it's still viewed by many as an unattractive addition to one of the most beautiful streets in the city.

We urge Albany Commissioners to take notice and pay close attention to how growth in our city is being handled.

Review the ordinances that are on the books and apply common sense.

Simply following the rules sometimes results in growth that's not well received by the community, and sometimes prevents growth that could benefit us all.

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