Parrot returns home, family "elated" by Facebook response to find him

Parrot returns home, family "elated" by Facebook response to find him

ASHBURN, GA (WALB) - A beloved family Parrot is back home to his Ashburn family after going missing over the weekend. Anytime Mike Moore is inside his Ashburn home, Felix, a two-year-old African Grey Parrot doesn't like to stray far from his shoulder.

"We got him when he was too young to be weaned, So we had to use the formula for the bird," said Moore. "So, we've raised him from a baby."

With a house full of kids, pets and parents, Felix fits right in. He's playful, smart and protective of his family. So Saturday around noon, when Felix accidentally slipped out through the side door as Mike was leaving for work, the family was overcome with worry.

"We love our pets and when he flew off, my heart just sunk. It was like losing a family member." Mike spent the weekend searching for Felix. He put food on the roof and out in the yard, played Felix's favorite CD and eventually turned to Facebook, reaching out to the community. He says as soon as the photo and plea for help was up, the response was overwhelming.

"To see so many people hope that I could find the bird or share it on their wall, that was fantastic. It was really uplifting to see people want to help." Thankfully, Felix didn't stray too far from home. Mike spotted the bird Sunday before losing him again. But the search continued in hopes of finding him before storms moved in Tuesday.

Then, Monday morning, Mike and his brother stepped out into the yard and heard Felix's chirp. They spotted him again. This time, they were able to climb on the roof of their home and get the family parrot to safety.

"I was elated. It was great to see the guy back." Mike and his family are now more cautious than ever about where they let Felix fly. But they say it's good to know if anything goes wrong, they have their friends and community to help bring him home.

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