So. GA officials keenly aware of Ebola

So. GA officials keenly aware of Ebola
Dr. Grant
Dr. Grant

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - As we learn more about the virus, everyone, especially healthcare workers are urged to use extra protection when in contact with an infected person.

Because of the Ebola outbreak, the CDC issued several ways Healthcare workers can prevent the spread even more.

With another reported case of Ebola, more people are becoming alarmed. "Most of these transmissions are occurring in the hospital setting," said Dr. Jacqueline Grant, of the South Health District.

Public health officials say Ebola is only contracted through direct bodily fluids. A Dallas nurse test positive for the Ebola virus after taking care of a patient with the virus.

"They would know if they been exposed potentially exposed because right now the virus is in these western countries in Africa. Or in places where there's a travel related case and spread," said Grant.

Dr. Grant says it can take days before a person contracted the virus and starts to show symptoms. "That can be two to 21 days with this particular illness. That is a lengthy incubation period.''

Safe practices such as keeping your hands clean and using Gloves, masks and protective suits can prevent the transmission of the virus.

"If you're in a healthcare setting, taking the uniform and wearing the personal protective equipment as outlined by the CDC."

Dr. Grant say this virus is being more widespread because of the lack of healthcare in some countries. Healthcare workers should note, testing of the virus is performed through the CDC.

"Physicians would need to contact Public Health if they suspect an Ebola case so that test can be facilitated."

Right now there is no vaccine for the Ebola virus.

Health officials also don't know if pets such as a cats and dogs can be effected by the virus but precaution should be used around them.

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