Albany Police targeting speeders

Albany Police targeting speeders

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Police want drivers to slow down, and warn that their traffic enforcement officers are doing special details daily.  They are giving citations, because they want to make the roads safer, with less crashes hurting people.

Wednesday morning Albany Police officers set up at the school zone on Dawson Road near Merry Acres Middle School, letting folks driving too fast know it.

Albany Police Office Gregory Gadt checks traffic in the school zone about 7:30.

Gadt said "Speed is a huge factor in this city."

The normal speed limit on this section of Dawson Road is 40 miles per hour, but lowers to 25 during school time.  Police say too many drivers are not paying attention, going too fast.

Gadt said "Generally you got a lot of folks who come through here on the way to work.  They are not paying attention to the school zone. We got school buses. We got family with children.  We got kids crossing the street going from one side of the neighborhood to the other to make it to school.  It's a big issue."

Gadt said "The lidar device that we use shoots out a beam of light. We can get ranges out to 2000 feet, and it's a pinpoint accuracy. We can paint the front of a vehicle. It's what we can target specific cars."

Police say these traffic operations also help cut down on general crime.

Albany Police Media Manager Phyllis Banks said "Maybe somebody's wanted or something like that. So you never know with those minor things can lead up to when they are out here on the streets."

These officers say the last thing they want is to be called to a school zone, where a child has been hit by a car.  Albany Police are targeting speeders at several different locations daily...and they are giving citations. They say the sure way to not get a ticket....slow down and drive the speed limit.

Police say another big factor they see constantly, people on their phone while driving.  They say most people they stop admit they missed the school zone signs because they were distracted., on their phone.  Officers urge people to put down their phones and slow down to avoid crashes.

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