Firefighters urge folks to check smoke detectors

Firefighters urge folks to check smoke detectors

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - We're approaching the end of daylight saving time, and firefighters are already spreading the message to check your smoke detectors.

Albany Firefighters say this kitchen fire yesterday on Avalon Avenue proves they can be lifesavers.

A woman's newly-installed smoke detector woke her up, potentially saving her life, and minimizing damage.

Firefighters say it's good to have multiple detectors in your home, and you should change the batteries, and make sure they're working properly when the time changes.

"A lot of times people have smoke detectors and what ends up happening is it starts chirping because the battery is getting low, and they take the battery out to stop the chirping instead of changing the battery, and people don't realize your supposed to change that battery whether its chirping or not during daylight savings," says Assistant Fire Chief Sebon Burns.

Firefighters also remind you not to leave food unattended while you're cooking. That's the number one cause of fires.

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