Could three masked robberies be connected?

Could three masked robberies be connected?

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Could there be a serial armed robber at work in Albany?

In at least three robberies in the last month, the gunman wore what appears to be the same Halloween mask.

When a robber entered the Dixie Food Mart on September 24th wearing a halloween mask store employees thought it was a joke till he pointed a gun at them and demanded money.

This is the first of three robberies where the criminals all appear to be dressed the same.

The gunman wears a halloween mask and a dark robe or hoodie.

He also wore red basketball shoes with a white stripe.

The most recent armed robbery was at Devi's Convenience Store where the gunman wore what may be the same mask.

This time he also had on what appears to be work gloves, a dark robe, and gloves. In this video you can see the gunman also holds the gun in his left hand.

On October 2nd, a gunman entered the Quick Stop Food Mart on Slappey, police released these pictures taken from a nearby business showing the robber without his mask on.

Pictures inside show a similar mask, but he's holding the gun in his right hand.

Quick Stop workers didn't want to speak on camera, but believe the person who robbed them could be the same person who robbed other stores in the area, and think he lives nearby.

The owner says he's had his store on slappey for more than a decade, and is surprised someone came with a gun and robbed them.

Police tell us they aren't sure if any of the three crimes are connected.

They declined to do an interview with us about their investigation, but if you know anything about the robberies they urge you to call crime stoppers at 436-TIPS.

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