South Georgia Tech holds active shooter drill

South Georgia Tech holds active shooter drill

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - All too often, mass shootings at schools and businesses make headlines across the nation. An active shooter can enter an unsuspecting school and claim several victims. Each time it happens, communities are left feeling unsafe.

"There's been incidents on campuses throughout the United States and the world, where unfortunately things of this nature happen," said Sparky Reeves, South Georgia Tech President.

But that's just what South Georgia Tech is working to keep from happening. They want to prepare for the unexpected, by holding an Active Shooter Drill Tuesday.

Emergency responders from Americus, Sumter County and surrounding counties surrounded and filled the school. As the rain poured, they simulated how they would respond if a single shooter attacked, claiming several casualties.

Though school officials say the weather didn't hamper their efforts to learn. "You can't predict the weather and you can't predict when things like this happen," said Reeves. "So, you just do what you have to do."

The victims were were members of the school's basketball teams. Bands were placed around their wrists to indicate the extent of their injuries.

After the exercise was over, it was time to sit down to assess how the responders handled this drill. "We'll see where we have gaps and we'll make the necessary corrections to try to mitigate it, anything of this nature, once happening and responding if it does happen."

This was the first active shooter drill at South Georgia, but organizers plan to have more.

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