Caught on camera: Masked man robs Albany store

Caught on camera: Masked man robs Albany store

A masked armed robber runs into an Albany convenience store waving a gun and demanding money. Now employees there are hoping you can help catch the gunman.

Different camera angles capture this armed man, wearing a mask and robbing Devi's Convenience Store.

"He just comes in and first gets the customer down on the ground and then tells my dad, give me all the money," said Nishant Patel, the store manager.

Patel says his dad was working and called him right after it happened Saturday night. "It's kind of shocking because you don't know really expect this happening and then out of nowhere, someone comes and it's like your life depends on their hands. If they pull the trigger, it's over."

Albany Police say the robber is a black man, about 5 feet 6 to 5 feet 7 inches, with a slim build.

Patel says this is the first time their store near the intersection of Palmyra Road and 7th Avenue has been robbed. "It's a really busy area and we have a fire department right behind us. So we don't really expect for it to happen here," said Patel.

The store upgraded their surveillance cameras about two years ago, and Patel is glad they did. The video shows the gunman running up to the store, the chaos inside and then him running away.

"You can see people a lot better. It's a little bit more clear than our old one. But, we're thinking about upgrading it even more, where you could see even better," explained Patel.

While the two employees and one customer were shaken up, no one was hurt. The robber made off with about $400.

If you have any information about this incident, call CrimeSTOPPERS at 436-TIPS.

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