Stolen farm chemicals hurt small business

Stolen farm chemicals hurt small business
Wendell Cofer
Wendell Cofer

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - Farmers in Decatur County say harvest time is making them targets for thieves. One farmer lost thousands of dollars worth of chemicals when someone broke into his shed Saturday night.

Farmers in southwest Georgia are starting to harvest some major crops. But unfortunately, that means more farmers fall victim to chemical thefts.

"In our area, that's a frequent type theft because farming chemicals are so expensive for the space that they take. A gallon could be a thousand dollars," said Decatur Co. Sheriff's Chief Deputy Wendell Cofer

But for Farms Owner Jason Murrary, the chemicals stolen from his family-owned farm were worth much more than that.

"'m very disappointed. I hope they can catch who's behind this and have them apprehended."

Deputy Cofer says chemical thieves usually know exactly what they're looking for.

"They're looking for a certain chemical or a chemical that applies to a certain crop. Generally because they have a specific outlet for it. They have somebody somewhere who needs that chemical for their farming operation."

Murray says he replaced the lock after thieves used a blow torch to get into the shed and get out with more than six thousand dollars worth of chemicals.

"I've been on the phone with other area farmers this morning and turns out three more were robbed this weekend too."

Murrary says he'll be moving and storing his chemical supplies so that they are constantly under video surveillance. He says it's extra effort that he believes is worth it.

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