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Voter turnout could determine future of Mildred Hunter Center precinct

Sandra Tooley Sandra Tooley
Markeis Fulton Markeis Fulton

As members of the "Valdosta Women Vote" group took advantage of early voting and cast their ballots Monday morning, there was one who didn't.

"I'm an advocate for early voting, I usually early vote. This year, I will vote at Mildred Hunter Center on the 4th of November," said Valdosta District 1 Councilwoman Sandra Tooley. Councilwoman Tooley said it's part of her effort to encourage the voters who are designated to use that precinct to come out and vote on November 4th, otherwise county commissioners and the board of elections may decide to end voting there.

"They were talking about trying to downsize on some of the precincts because they were thinking it was costly due to the fact that we didn't have a lot of people showing up to vote," Tooley explained. The issue of whether to close the Mildred Hunter Center as a precinct has been postponed until at least 2015, when the county finalizes its budget for the year. 

But Tooley emphasized that this year's election turnout could be the deciding factor, and its closure would make it difficult for the residents in that area to vote in the future. "That is pretty much the only one on the South side of town at this point. The voters would have to go to the Rainwater [Conference] Center, which is way over by the mall, or the would probably have to go to Northside Church," Tooley said. 

Markeis Fulton votes at the precinct and said he agrees with Tooley's concern."We probably won't get an opportunity to get everybody over there," said Fulton. "We on the side of town where you got a lot of poor [people]. They probably can't make it over there to vote."

But without a big turnout on November 4th, they may not give themselves much choice.

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