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Dangerous Pit Bull had no identification, investigation closed


Worth County Animal Control says it took almost an hour and a half to control an aggressive pit bull Wednesday.

Two residents saw the pit bull attacking a Pekingese at West Willingham Street Wednesday when they step in to help separate the dogs. A Sylvester Police officer showed up and shot the pit bull when it became vicious and charged him. Animal control says the dog didn't have identification and they are no longer investigating the case.

“The dog turned out to be a stray and did not belong in the area, there was a female dog in the area that was in heat and because of that, probably prompted the dog to come in the area and with their being other male dogs that created the incident that caused the 911 call, “said Jody Yarbrough.

No violations or citations were issued from the incident. Animal Control says remember to keep tags and identification on your pets, so it's easier to locate owners.

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