Valdosta DQ customer reacts to data breach

Valdosta DQ customer reacts to data breach

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Dairy Queen was notified at the end of August by the United States Secret Service about a data breach at multiple Dairy Queen locations and one Orange Julius location across the country. In all, 395 Dairy Queens were affected. The Dairy Queen on West Hill Avenue in Valdosta was one of the locations.

Like so many people, John Mongour often uses his debit or credit card to pay for food, as he did at the Dairy Queen on Friday afternoon. "Whenever you use your credit card, do you think about, 'oh, gosh, somebody could potentially steal my information' or is it not something you think about? It's not somethin' I think about," Mongour said.

Mongour said even with the other recent data breaches at Target and Home Depot, he believes credit and debit card machines are safe. "I think they are," said Mongour. "The people that hack 'em, they don't get 'em for long and I don't know if they get that much money out of it."

WALB contacted Dairy Queen's corporate office Friday afternoon. "[The media spokesperson] is away from his desk right now, can I get your contact information and I'll have him contact you back," replied the receptionist upon our request to speak to the media spokesperson.

The spokesperson did contact WALB late Friday afternoon and emphasized that the security breach has been contained. A statement on the company's website acknowledged that DQ is the latest victim of the widely-reported Backoff malware that is targeting retailers across the country.

The Dairy Queen spokesperson also said they are continuing to review their policies and procedures with their payment companies, but as of Friday no major changes to their system were planned.

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