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Rally to end bullying: "I would be scared to go to school"

Founder Rico Walker Founder Rico Walker
Lyndon Jackson Lyndon Jackson
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THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - The past six months Rico Walker and Lyndon Jackson have created an unbreakable bond, both share a painful past of being bullied.

"People used to bully me because I used to be less fortunate," Walker shared. "Coming up I didn't have the finer things and used to get picked on a lot."

That's why he formed "Relief From The Streets," an organization that helps students who have been victimized build confidence and form healthy relationships.

Jackson, a Thomas County 10th grader, says for two years he was a target for bullies.

"I wouldn't talk to anybody and I would be scared to go to school." Jackson said.

According to the National Education Association, 1 out 5 students are harassed, while 56% witness someone being bullied. Walker says many times those victims feel isolated.

"Sometimes that shell causes them to shut down. Also, causes them to harm themselves, it's very violent," Walker continued. "They get to the point where they have taken enough."

He feels it takes more than one group to show bullying will not be tolerated. Walker says it needs to be taught at home and supported by the community.

It's how Jackson regained confidence. He believes the program transformed him.

"They have a mentor and mentees to talk to and leaders, And we show brotherhood and we can all talk to each other," Jackson said.

This weekend the group will be hosting their "No Bullying" rally, members say they're excited to see the care and concern of their neighbors.

It will take place Saturday from 9 to 2 p.m.  in the Thomasville Big Lots parking lot off East Jackson street. Shirts will be sold for $10, free hot dogs will also be provided. Donations are accepted. 

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