Surveillance video plays key role in Sasser car break-in cases

Surveillance video plays key role in Sasser car break-in cases

TERRELL CO., GA (WALB) - This crook, caught on camera, is suspected of breaking into more than a dozen cars and other burglaries.

Terrell County Sheriff's investigators say they are questioning a suspect.

There have been seven entering autos in the Main Street area of Sasser since September 15th.

Take a look at the man seen in the attached photos and video. Using a flashlight, he looks around the carport at John Ellenburg's home in Sasser about 5 a.m. Monday. He has a shotgun under his arm.

"He had a gun. And if I'd have walked out maybe 15 minutes later, it might have been my end," said Ellenburg

Just after leaving home Ellenburg noticed money was gone from his glove box, and then saw his surveillance system had e-mailed him about an intruder. Watching this video on his phone frightened him.

Ellenburg said "I saw the picture and knew it wasn't me, so I immediately called Joyce and had her call 9-1-1 and told her to stay inside.

Since September 15th there have been at least 7 entering autos reported to the Sheriff's Office in Sasser's Main Street area. This video helped Investigators pick up a person of interest today.

Terrell County Sheriff John Bowens said "that's the real thing. Once that video gets here, you can't deny. So we pretty well got it, a good video picture of him."

Sheriff Bowens said because of this video success, he plans to start using social media to publicize other surveillance video his office receives.

Bowens said, "You might not know who that person is,but if someone sees it, they might can identify who that person is."

"The camera did it. No doubt about it," Ellenburg said. We would have never know it without that camera being up there. We had that installed six weeks ago. Great investment."

And Sheriff Bowens is recommending other homeowners consider installing home surveillance camera systems, to protect their property.

No charges have been filed in this investigation so far.

If you had property stolen in the Sasser area in the last month, you are asked to report it to the Terrell County Sheriff's Office at 995-4488.

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