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Deer becoming more active, increasing chances of deer-car collisions

Kieth McDonald Kieth McDonald
Byron Wright Byron Wright

Thursday morning's fatal crash is just one example of how dangerous a collision with a deer can be, and the DNR said the chances of having a collision tend to go up this time of year.

"The bucks are chasing the does this time of year. They go into rut. That starts makin' 'em move a little bit more than any other time of the year," said DNR Ranger First Class Keith McDonald.

McDonald said drivers need to be more cautious, especially on rural roads around dawn and dusk."You won't see 'em everywhere, but you'll see more of them. Mostly in early mornin's and late evenings and during the night," McDonald explained.

Aside from being dangerous, collisions with deer can also be expensive. The owner of Wright's Paint and Body Shop in Valdosta typically has one car a week come through his shop that has hit a deer."We did a little Mazda 6 last week," said Byron Wright, Owner. "It had 11.1 hours of body work and 5.6 hours of refinish time." 

Which will cost...

"A little over $2,000 dollars for the repair. If you've got your more exotic cars, the price gonna start to increase," Wright pointed out. And even though that may seem expensive, it's better than paying for the collision with your life. McDonald said the best way to avoid doing that is to stay in your lane and don't try to swerve to miss a deer."If you see a deer, slow down and maintain your lane. Definitely maintain that lane as much as you can, even if it means hittin' the deer," McDonald emphasized. 

Of course, simply being more aware could help you avoid a collision altogether.

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